About Us

Southwest Collection Service Inc. (SCS) has helped manage California business’s accounts receivables since 1978. We are a boutique organization that specializes in creating solutions for your specific business environment. Our clients come to us because we believe in obtaining the greatest possible return on your accounts while maintaining your reputation and image.

What We Do

At SCS our highly skilled representatives create personalized plans that allow your consumers to meet their financial obligations. Our unique approach to receivables management has resulted in account resolutions that have exceeded the national average for the last 40 years.

Let our success be your success.


We are industry professionals adept at handling client relationships across the business landscape. We specialize in Medical, Retail, and Commercial accounts. Our account professionals are fully bonded and trained in the latest techniques. We understand that resolving account disputes with dignity is important to you and your reputation.

In-House Attorney

Some accounts may require redress from the courts to be resolved, and they can be difficult and costly. We have the legal know-how to handle them. In cases where legal actions are needed, court costs and attorney fees will be advanced by SCS. Upon collection, these fees will be subtracted from the collections recovered. You only pay when the account is successfully closed.

Why Choose SCS

For four decades we have proven that our individualized approach to account receivables management has successfully resolved difficult delinquent accounts.

Our goal is to help your company maintain a strong financial position and protect your reputation in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.